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The First Freemasons in Estonia Hind: 4.95 €
Hakman, Johan G Lisa ostukorvi
Contemporary Free Masonry had its beginning in the first half of 18th century in England. Today there are over six million Freemasons in the world. Freemasonry was reestablished in Estonia in 1992 by opening the Fööniks Lodge in Tallinn. 1999 Estonian freemasonry become independent after having established its own Grand Lodge. However, freemasons have existed in Estonia even many years before. The first lodge in Tallinn was active good 200 years ago. This book gives you a good insight in the history of earlier times. The author of this book JOHAN G. HAKMAN offers you informative reading for everyone interested in our history.
Teemad: Ajalugu, Vabamüürlus
Eelmised 1 | 2 Järgmised
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